Lyrics, Translations &  Story Themes
featuring the Katy Chamber Chorus
directed by Alice Valantine Beckstrom

Pronunciation hints from Alice Valantine Beckstrom: follow the pronunciation rules for Latin.  Use Roman-Latin
rules with Elvish and use German-Latin rules with Rohirric and Khuzdûl.  Consult "The LOTR-A Singer's Guide
to the Languages of Middle-earth" for a detailed pronunciation guide.  

1. The Prophecy (Quenya, or High Elvish)
Hlasta! Quetes Ilfirimain:   (Listen! It speaks to those who were born not to die)
Corma turien te, Corma tuvien. (One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them),
Tercáno Nuruva, tuvien Corma   (The Herald of Death, to find the One Ring)
tultien te Huinesse nutien. (to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them.)
Corma turien. Te Corma.   (One ring to rule them. One Ring.)

2. Very Old Friends (instrumental; Gandalf returns to Hobbiton and The Shire,
and to see his very old friend, Bilbo)

3. The Seduction of the Ring (Quenya)
I tuo i macil a staldaron. (The strength, the weapon, the needs of the valiant)
Marinyë Cor.   (Be the ring your weapon)
I tuo i macil.   (The strength, the weapon)
A lelyat túrenna.    (Go to victory!)
I  tuo.    (The strength)

4. Hymn of the Elves of Rivendell (Sindarin, or Common Elvish)
Nef, Elbereth Gilthoniel, (On this side [of heaven], Queen & Kindler of Stars)
silivren penna míriel.     (there falls like shining jewels)
O El'.    (O, the Stars) 

5. The Shadow of the Past (Khuzdûl or Dwarvish)
Durin, ku ba...  (Durin, who awoke...)
Urus Ni Buzra! (Fire in the deep!)
Tanaki, Urkhas! (He comes, the Demon!)
Urus, Buzra! Tanaki! (Fire in the deep!)
Urus, Urkhas!   (He comes! Fire! Demon!)

6. Lothlorien (Quenya, translation by Alice Valantine Beckstrom)
Man amen toltha (Who brings this to our isolation)
I dan hen môrn? (standing alone against the growing darkness?)
Si danna atha nauva. (Now all will fall away.)
Mel, melmë nóren sina,     (Love, our love for this land,)
núra l' aëaron.    (is deeper than the depths of the sea.)

7. Lament for Gandalf (solo in Sindarin)
In gwidh ristennin, i fae narchannen. (The bonds cut, the spirit broken,)                       
I Lach Anor ed ardhon gwannen.     (The Flame of Anor has left this World.)
Mithrandir, A Randir Vithren,    (Mithrandir, O Pilgrim Grey,)
ú-reniathach... (no more will you wander...)

(chorus in Quenya)
Ilfirin nairelma   (Undying is our regret),
nauva i nauva   (that what should be, shall be).
Ilfirin nairelma   (Undying is our regret),
ar ullumë nucuvalmë (and yet we will cast all away)

8. In Dreams
When the cold of winter comes starless night will cover day. In the veiling of the sun
we will walk in bitter rain. But in dreams I can dreams hear your name. And in dreams
we will meet again.

9. The Ring's Theme (instrumental; Evil has awoken and is searching for his master)

10. Evenstar (Sindarin)
Úivethed nâ i onnad. Si boe ú-dhanna.   (This is not the end, it is the beginning. You must not falter now.)
Ae ú-esteli, esteliach nad...   (If you trust nothing else...)
Nâ boe ú i.   (You must trust this)

11. The Fellowship Theme (instrumental; divided in person, yet The Fellowship is united in mission)

12. The Mearas (Rohirric, based on Old English)
For ðon hé wæs Sceadufæx, (For he was Shadowfax)
hláford ealra méara, (Lord of all Horses).
Anhé Neandé. (And he answered only to one.)

13. The King of the Golden Hall (instrumental; once a powerful kingdom, King Theoden musters Rohan to the aid of Middle Earth)

14. The March of the Ents (Sindarin)
Rithannen i geven, Thangen i harn (Earth shakes, Stone breaks,)
Na fennas i daur   (The forest is at your door).
Ôl dûr ristannen. Eryn echuiannen (The dark sleep is broken, The woods have awoken)
i ngelaidh dagrar   (The trees have gone to war).
Ristar thynd, cúa tawar (Roots rend, Wood bends)
Dam' ganed. (The Ents have answered the call)

15. Gollum's Song
Where once was light, now darkness falls. Where once was love, love is no more.
Don't say, good-bye. Don't say, I did'nt try.
These tears we cry are falling rain for all lies you told us, the hurt, the blame.
And we will weep to be so alone. We are lost. We can never go home.
You are lost. You can never go home.

16. A Storm Is Coming (instrumental; Sauron has released all his armies and all evil to overtake Middle Earth)

17. The End of All Things (Sindarin)
Destruction of the Ring
Sin eriol ûm beleg úgannen. (Only thus, will a great evil be unmade.)
u-cilith 'war...      (There is no other choice.)
Boe min mebi.  Boe min bango.          (One of you must take it, One of you must pay.)
The Mountain of Fire
Sí, na vethed bain, wilith úria      (Here, at the end of all things, the air is aflame)
I ardhon ban lacha! Nu da' naid bain     (All the world is on fire! The end of all things!)
Don't Let Go
[Anírach únad Egor gurth hen.  Han cenin vi chen lín]  [You want nothing more Than this death.  I see it in your eye.]
... ú-'erin le ...      (but I cannot let you go)
[Tellin men achae. Brennin men anann. Rago! Ú-erich leithio,]  [We have come too far. We have held on too long. Reach! You cannot let go,]
Ú-erich o nin gwanno. (You cannot leave me.)

18. The Eagles' Song (Sindarin)
Orthannen im vi ól. Coll e dû,        (In a dream I was lifted up. Borne from the darkness,)
Or hiriath naur, na rovail mae sui 'waew. (above the rivers of fire, on wings soft as the wind.
Man prestant i ardhon? (What's happened to the world?)
Cerithar aen illiad dim úthenin?     (Is everything sad going to come untrue?)

19. The Return of the King (instrumental; the king has returned and a new age has begun, the age of man)

20. Aragorn's Coronation (Sindarin)
Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien.  (Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come.)
Sinomë maruvan Hildinyar      (In this place I will abide, and my heirs,)
tenn' Ambarmetta!   (unto the ending of the world!)

21. Queen Arwen (Sindarin)
Tinúviel el vanui (Tinúviel, the elven-fair,)
Elleth alfirin edhelhael      (Immortal maiden elven-wise,)
[O hon ring finnil fuinui A renc gelebrin thiliol.]        [About him cast her night-dark hair, and arms like silver glimmering.]

22. In Dreams Echo
When the seas and mountains fall and we come to end days, in the dark I hear your voice, calling me there, I will go there, and back again.

23. Into the West
Lay down your sweet and weary head, night is falling you have come to journey's end. Sleep now, dream of the ones who came before, They are calling from across the distant shore. Why do you weep? What are these tears upon your face? Soon you will see all of your fears will pass away. Safe in my arms, you're only sleeping.

What can you see on the horizon? Why do the white gulls call? Across the sea a pale moon rises. The ships have come to carry you home. And all will turn to silver glass. A light on the water, all souls pass.

Hope fades into the world of night through shadows falling out of memory and time. Don't say we have come now to the end. White shores are calling. You and I will meet again. And you'll be here in my arms just sleeping

What can you see on the horizon? Why do the white gulls call? Across the sea a pale moon rises. The ships have come to carry you home. And all will turn to silver glass. A light on the water, grey ships pass In-to The West.

Katy Chamber Chorus: Lord of the Rings - A Choral Symphony